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The Québec Immigration Plan for 2022 was tabled today in the National Assembly, in accordance with the provisions of the Québec Immigration Act.


The Québec Immigration Plan establishes Québec’s annual selection targets in the immigration categories under its selection power, that is, economic immigration (primarily skilled workers and businesspeople) as well as refugees selected abroad and other immigrants. It also stipulates the number of people that will be admitted to Québec as permanent residents.

Maintaining multi-year planning targets for 2022

The plan stays the course on the targets established during the public consultation held in summer 2019 as part of the Québec Immigration Planning for the 2020-2022 Period.

It plans for the admission of 49,500 to 52,500 immigrants in 2022, all categories combined, as set out in the multi-year planning, in addition to a catch-up of 18,000 admissions to reach the admission levels that were not attained by the federal government in 2020 due to the health crisis.

During the elaboration of the Québec Immigration Plan for 2021, an additional 7,000 admissions were included to attain a portion of the 18,000 admissions that were not realized in 2020. It is presently estimated that the federal government will not manage to catch up on all of the admissions planned for 2021.

Catching up on the admissions that were not achieved in 2020 will make it possible to accelerate the issuing of permanent residence by the federal government to the applicants selected by Québec under the Special Program for Asylum Seekers during the COVID-19 period.

It will also make it possible to clear the accumulation of applications for permanent residence at the federal level of foreign students who have received prior experience in Québec under the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Québec experience program), thereby favouring the economic immigration of applicants who are already in Québec and who have good knowledge of French.

The selection and admission objectives set by the Québec government will contribute to meeting major labour needs in several key sectors of the economy, with economic immigration representing at least 65% of all immigration in 2022.

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