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1. Move your business and your money offshore to reduce taxes and grow your business faster. This includes tax planning and offshore banking, companies, and merchant accounts.


Take yourself and your business offshore and reap the benefits of legally reducing your taxes.

before we discuss the techniques you can employ to lower your tax burden, let me dispel two pervasive myths about lowering your tax rate.

First, there are many people who believe that they can pull off the exact same strategies used by Google, Starbucks and Amazon to lower their taxes.

But your business is probably not a multinational company with a hundred thousand employees and offices spread all over the world.

That’s just not your reality.

Your business neither needs nor can it execute such a highly complex tax plan.

Google’s tax plan will not work for you. You need something specific to your business and your personal situation.

The way you do things must be, as they say in Southeast Asia, “Same same but different.”

Don’t copy someone elses plan because it works for them. That could land you in hot water. Instead, make a plan based on the same principles but that is tailored to you. Think things through and then create solid systems with the help of professionals.

2. Obtain a second residency and second citizenship to enhance your freedom and options. This includes second residencies, dual citizenship, and tax residency.


Become a dual citizen and get a second passport. Expand your financial and lifestyle options.

Are you a high net worth individual?

Then you are probably considering getting a second passport.

And it makes total sense.

With a second passport at hand, you can dramatically increase your personal and economic freedom.

Who wouldn’t want that? Having dual citizenship – or even multiple citizenships – is an important step to internationalizing your life so that no single government ‘owns’ you.

Looking after your growing net worth, tending to your business, and balancing family life all at the same time is hard work. You don’t need to worry about what happens if there is civil unrest or if your government suddenly decides to raise the tax rates.

Not if you have ‘citizenship insurance’. Not if you have a second passport.

A second passport will ensure that you reap all the benefits – tax optimization, improved travel potential, protection against controlling governments and more – counterbalanced by an acceptable (to you) level of risk.

3. Take the money you save and invest overseas to earn higher returns than at home. This includes real estate, stocks, venture capital, and precious metals in global markets.


People may tell you that you’re foolish to invest in these places, but if the average person (who’s broke, by the way) tells you that you’re an idiot, you’re probably doing something right.

These currencies and countries may not be the name brand that everyone knows, but they deliver.

In the 21st century, the world is full of opportunities that didn’t even exist a decade ago.

And these are the kind of investment opportunities that not only allow you to diversify your money so that no one government controls it, they also earn higher yields, give you greater asset protection, and can even get you a second residence or passport in some cases.

Once you adopt the international investment mindset, you can take your money where it’s treated best and never look back.

Real estate is a valuable asset class just about anywhere you go. Here at Globevisa Group , we talk about markets like Grenada, St kitts, Antigua, Greece, Spain,Portugal and Istanbul, Turkey.

We also keep an eye on up-and-coming markets like Egypt where you can buy property in prime city locations that will get high rental yields as well as growth.

If you’re looking for dirt cheap real estate, aim for places where you can get properties for $1000/meter or less in the city center.

You will get easier access to high-potential properties, quality tenants, and a tangible, income-generating asset that will only go up in value.

Yes, only up.

Another place to look, as the saying goes, is to “Buy where there is blood on the streets.”

Think of markets like Istanbul that have great fundamentals but seem risky to outsiders.

There are 15 million people in Istanbul alone – 80 million in Turkey – and the economy is developing like a rocket as they have begun creating TV’s, washing machines, furniture, and other exports.

But thanks to their low currency, you can get a great deal on property there.

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