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Everything, whether it helps you directly accomplish your goal or not, is just a learning experience on the path to success.

Looking at it from the perspective of the globe lifestyle, if all you did was spend a year traveling around the world and looking at all the opportunities out there, you would come back home very different.

You’d be much more educated on how business done in other countries. You’d find yourself so much more in tune with each culture you spent time in. You’d be able to see how those things could fit into your own life and make changes.

Before you knew it, you’d be putting your business strategy in place and working on all the stuff we talk about here.


Just as people do when they have a hard time moving from one side of the river to the other, people run into the mental barrier of not wanting to leave home to find something better.

You could even consider get in touch with Globevisa’s experts.

Globevisa experts team is all about breaking down the barriers our clients have so that they can take the first baby steps into a global mindset. There are a couple of things I would like to suggest here to help you start working on that mental barrier that’s holding you back.


The simplest thing you could do to start getting into this global mindset is to offshore bank account. We have plenty experts on our site that will help guide you through the process of going to another country and opening an account.

Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll start to notice a difference. You’ll start to see yourself as different than the people around you because you have a foreign account.

You won’t be as stuck in the same fears that everyone else has.

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Taking some time off and giving yourself a certain amount of time to go and explore the world is also very helpful.

Set a goal for yourself when you do. Maybe your goal is to find investment that you can make outside of your home country. You might already own real estate in a place where you’re afraid that it’s going to go down in value, so you’re out looking for a place that will bring you higher yields.

Your goal could also be to find new business opportunies or to find a new place to live where you feel happier and freer.

Once you have that goal, set a time frame. You could be out exploring for three months, maybe six or twelve. However long it is, this time frame gives you an out if things don’t go the way you hoped.

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If you’re going to get out there, you need to start thinking globally.

This process is kind of like the four minute mile. Nobody thought it could be done until it was done. You won’t see how you can develop a global mindset until you start taking these first baby steps, but when you do take that first step, the next will become easier.

Suddenly, you’re going to be investing in real estate development somewhere.

Maybe you’ll be buying some farmland or an apartment where you can spend time in the summer.

Maybe you’ll put some gold in a vault in Singapore or Switzerland.

Once you’ve taken that first baby step and broken that barrier, the next steps become easier and easier.

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If you can work on developing a global mindset and giving yourself permission to fail, you’ll see a change.Once you start, there’s a good chance you won’t want to stop.

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