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Established in 2007, Globevisa Group has over twelve years of immigration experience. Our Company Vision is to provide international accessibility and settlement services and to help all our clients find a program that is most suitable for their needs. We have 33 offices around the world and over 1200 employees, including 132 lawyers and over 800 administrative officers. As the global leader in residence and citizenship planning, Globevisa has received a number of prestigious international awards: ranging from

  • 2016’s Certificate of Outstanding Contribution, Canada Manitoba PNP Program for Business
  • Wingo Consulting Group; 2015’s Certificate of Honour
  • the Greek Property; 2014’s Certificate of Excellence
  • Outstanding Contribution Award
  • UK Immigration Lawyer Association
  • Best Immigration Service Organization
  • Spanish Authorized Official Accreditation
  • Barcelona Property Investment S.L., Spain
  • 2013’s Hungarian Best Immigration Service Agency
  • Hungary State Special Debt Management Ltd.
  • Certificate of Honour, Credit Suisse;
  • 2009’s Certificate of Recognition, Honorable Ambassador, Royal Bank of Canada.

  • These awards represent our team’s dedication and commitment in assisting tens of thousands of clients by helping them acquire an alternative residence or citizenship. This has directly led to contributions over USD 5 billion in foreign direct investments worldwide. Our professional immigration solution system and our global market share of 35%, has helped over 150,000 clients achieve their dreams of relocation and settlement. We provide comprehensive services by recommending our clients to the most relevant program from over 100 immigration programs from 35 different countries. Clients can belief the well experience and professional knowledge of our program managers, immigration lawyers, and our administrative officers. In particular, we offer these eight fields to enhance our services:

    1.Eligibility Assessment (Consultants will conduct assessment for our client and select the most suitable program for them)

    2.Seminars (Program promotion seminar, welfare tax theme salon, overseas life sharing and overseas education seminar)

    3.ERP System (Automatic application status system, fixed time frame application)

    4.Real Time Communication (After sales online messenger, Check progress anytime, Direct Communication)

    5.Assets Flexibility (one year of asset transferring guide and asset management)

    6.3 Trail System (Application Screening, admins, manager, immigration lawyer before submission)

    7.Free Consultation (Resolve immigration problems, available before sales & after status obtain)

    8.Landing Service (On-site inspection plan out, accompany by local crew)

    Globevisa has a plethora of resources from fund investment companies and local developers of different international immigration destinations. With the preserved immigration quota and properties, our clients always have the best options and highest success rate. Each of our programs has a successful case collection to allow clients to better understand the impact that Globevisa has created for our potential clients and the immigration industry worldwide. While purchasing citizenship may not be the best option for everyone, Globevisa offers a wide range of programs from residence visa, permanent residency, tax residency, property purchase, education and insurance programs, to name a few. We ensure that every stage of the application is effectively managed to control costs, simplify the process and avoid any unnecessary processing time. Our success rate currently stands at over 97%, with over 150,000 successful cases since our establishment.

    Everyday, individual clients as well as other wealth advisors worldwide rely on us for advice on international residence and citizenship matters. To see how the combined expertise and global reach of our specialists could also work for you, contact us for further information or to arrange a private consultation.
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