Vanuatu Development Support Program, also known as Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program, is the most frequent seen Vanuatu immigration route. This Vanuatu immigration program offers the fastest legitimate access to Vanuatu citizenship with an average processing time of 45 days. Successful applicants will be granted the Vanuatu passport – a Commonwealth passport. Ranking 31st in the world, the passport enables its holders to enjoy visa-free entry to 141 countries and regions, including Hong Kong (stay for 90 days), Singapore (stay for 30 days), and the U.K. (stay for 6 months). Obtaining a Vanuatu passport thus facilitates immigration planning, overseas assets management and global travelling.

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    Estimate Program Cost

    Eligibility Criteria

    i. 18 years old or above
    ii. No criminal records
    iii. Satisfies a donation of the following amount to the Government:
      - USD 80,000 for a single applicant
      - USD 100,000 for a married couple
      - USD 115,000 for a family up to 3 members
      - USD 130,000 for a family up to 4 members (Extra USD 10,000 for each extra accompanying member)
    iv. Meet family asset requirement of USD 250,000 or more
    v. Accompanying family members:
     - Siblings
     - Spouse
     - Children under 26 years old who are unmarried and financial dependent
     - Parents aged over 50 of the applicant and spouse

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    Steps and Timeframe

    The application procedure consists of 7 steps, with a period of 1-1.5Month(s) month(s).


    Sign contract


    Collect information and create profiles


    Background investigation






    Acquired principle approval


    Take an oath and receive the passport

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